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7381 West 133rd Street
At Mission Painting we aim to be excellent at our craft. We dramatically improve the appearance of homes and businesses through meticulous interior painting, and we extend the life of your property through our detailed approach to exterior painting. Loving our neighbors. Serving our city. Our ownership has experience in the ultra challenging painting climates from cold and rainy Michigan seasons to hot and dry Arizona summers. Wanting the wholesome values of the midwest and convenience for expansion, we have firmly planted our roots in the Heart of America: the Greater Kansas City Metro. And no matter where you are or what your need, we’re confident in the Mission Painting Guarantee: We leave your home better than when we found it. As we pursue excellence for homeowners in need of interior painting, exterior painting, or other painting contractor needs, we operate with a specific process in mind. The cyclical process contains five main steps, and it will change the way you view painting as it relates to your home or business. After you experience how easy our process is, you’ll be searching for other things we can come paint for you at an affordable cost. To provide you the best painting service possible, allow us to give you a digital preview of what your home would look like in any given color. The goal is to help you visualize your new home before the first drop of paint touches your walls.or other painting contractor needs, we operate with a specific process in mind.

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