Tag: Grout Restoration

Johnson County
IN JUST A FEW HOURS WE MAKE YOUR GROUT & TILED SURFACES LOOK NEW AGAIN. Tiled floors and walls can have their appearance ruined by unsightly grout lines. Grout is naturally porous and absorbs water, soap, urine, oil, body fats and the dirt from our shoes. This leads to discoloration and the formation of dirt, mold, mildew and an all around grubby/tired look. While you may be able to remove the visible surface mold, it is impossible to restore the original and natural color/appearance of your grout. That is, until now! GroutGleam has a range of 9 different colored compounds. Our compounds chemically bond to the existing grout creating a uniform grout color that not only looks great but also repels dirt, oil, soil, urine and other contaminants. This service is perfect for old, tired and permanently stained grout lines. GroutGleam gives amazing results on any grout and/or tiled service and is equally ideal for commercial locations. Because of the speed and ease at which we can perform the restoration, this means no closures and the room/area can be ready to use in a matter of hours. We can take on jobs both small and large and are always priced competitively.

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