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16250 West 165th Street
Here at Blue Water, we believe everyone should have their home shine bright. Blue Water General Contractors, LLC started in 2012 with a specific focus on the painting and drywall needs of the property management community, commercial and private residences. We are currently serving multiple apartment communities, privately owned HOA communities and residences throughout the Kansas City Metro area. We have great experience working side by side with all of our clients and property management companies and understand the demands and schedules of the industry and look forward to an opportunity to work with you! As a dedicated team, it gives us great pride to be able to call these projects our own. Whatever the size or time commitment of each project, our flexibility and strong work ethic allows us to carefully plan ahead to provide high quality solutions that will last. We only use top quality products from our partners. Selecting colors is the hardest thing for some homeowners, delaying approvals, the start of jobs and causing frustration. Our partners are great at having new trends, color combinations and more. And we love our local family-owned businesses. We encourage everyone to support them. As licensed and insured contractors, we provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to all of their projects, specializing in a wide range of services. We are committed to our clients’ needs and satisfaction.
Kansas City
Kitchen, Pantry, and Bathroom Solutions That Inspire. Art of Drawers creates joyful, inspirational experiences for our clients through our custom crafted creations. Each masterpiece is designed to deliver aesthetically beautiful living spaces in any room of your home. We achieve this by seamlessly merging the worlds of design and utility to give a masterpiece that is custom tailored to suit both your needs and desires. We are so confident you will fall in love with your Art of Drawers solutions, we are willing to bet on it. If you are not completely elated within 3 days of installation, we will remove and refund your entire purchase. We design solutions that are tailored specifically for you and your space. Our professional Design Artist visits your home, develops a detailed solution that optimizes your storage areas, and our artisans craft and install your design. Art of Drawers creates joyful, inspirational experiences for our clients through our custom crafted creations. Each masterpiece is designed to deliver aesthetically beautiful living spaces in any room of your home. We achieve this by seamlessly merging the worlds of design and utility to give a masterpiece that is custom-tailored to suit both your needs and desires.
5228 East Truman Road
PinIt Properties and Construction, LLC was founded by Khoi Nguyen in 2020. As a class A licensed contractor, Khoi brings a wealth of experience to the table! Khoi has a rich history in the industry with a journey that began with the ownership of a construction company in Virginia between 2002 to 2007. In this role, he flourished in crafting captivating outdoor living spaces and intricate stamped concrete designs. Driven by a desire to foster familial bonds, Khoi relocated to Kansas City in 2007 and co-founded a successful construction enterprise alongside his two brothers. Over the years, this partnership flourished and expanded its repertoire to encompass real estate ventures, remodeling, and concrete endeavors. Today, PinIt Properties and Construction, LLC stands strong with a seasoned team poised to bring dreams to life. Whether it’s constructing timeless structures, revamping living spaces, or sculpting concrete masterpieces, our passion knows no bounds.
An integral step in any window installation is the removal of all structural rot. Our process is more extensive than a pocket or insert replacement window installation, which can suffer from seal failures and degradation. It allows for the exposure, assessment, then removal of all areas in need of replacing. Not repairing, replacing. This brings the window to a higher level of quality, performance, and longevity, as well as offering a more aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior. All quality brands are available for us to install. We’ll do the leg work of measuring, tailoring specs to what you’re looking for and get quotes. You pay direct to the distributor. We are solely the installer.
At Your Chimney Doctors, we’re dedicated to earning your trust and ensuring your chimney and fireplace needs are met with professionalism and expertise. Our team of skilled servicemen offers a comprehensive range of chimney services, from inspections and cleaning to rebuilding and tuckpointing, all at affordable rates. Our service technicians boast a wealth of experience, hold top-notch qualifications, and come highly recommended by our satisfied customers. They undergo continuous training to guarantee you receive the highest level of service in the industry. Serving the entire Missouri and Kansas region, Your Chimney Doctors is your trusted partner for all your chimney and fireplace requirements. We specialize in chimney sweeping and cleaning, brick and masonry chimney repairs, chimney waterproofing, fireplace installations and inserts, and much more. Whether your chimney or fireplace requires repairs, complete replacement, a thorough cleaning, or routine maintenance, we’re here to assist you. Call us today and experience only Your Chimney Doctors can provide the exceptional service and care.
14368 West 96th Terrace
Thermal King Windows has taken parts from all the top windows, eliminated everything that isn’t 100% optimal and engineered to be the best replacement windows in Kansas City and the only local window company that promises and delivers perfection. Not just great windows, also great service. Thermal King Windows are guaranteed to never stick, rot, warp, fade, or fail. In fact, if they do, we will replace it… PERIOD. Our windows are easy to clean, always look new, and require practically no maintenance. No Pressure Sales: Forget about all the pricing games and dog-and-pony shows. We’ll explain our products, answer all of your questions, give you a price to the penny, then step back and let you decide. Energy Savings: All Thermal King Products are Energy Star rated and are designed to save you money on your utility bills. Not just some, but ALL of our products are Energy Star qualified. The Energy Star Program was created by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. EPA to make it easier for consumers to choose the most energy efficient products. This label certifies our products meet or exceed the federal energy efficiency standard.
At Alphas Air Duct Cleaning, our comprehensive HVAC cleaning services include vent cleaning, main trunk cleaning, blower motor cleaning, AC coil cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, HVAC sanitation, mold remediation, odor remediation, UV purification, duct work and AC unit installations. Alphas Air Duct Cleaning offers the best air duct cleaning services in Lee’s summit and the Kanas City, MO and Manchester, NH surrounding areas. We use advanced techniques and equipment to remove dust, debris, and contaminants, improving air quality and system performance. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering excellent results and maintaining the integrity of your HVAC systems. Contact us today to schedule a professional duct cleaning service and experience the difference of Alphas Air Duct Cleaning.
Why Choose Focus Handyman? We are Insured up to $1M, Prompt Communication, Professional from Start to Finish, Uniformed Employees, We leave the job clean when completed, OLD-FASHIONED SERVICE, WE PROVIDE YOU WITH THAT “WOW” EXPERIENCE! If you’ve got a home improvement or repair project, you’re in the right place! All our work is backed by our quality craftsmanship and dedication to YOUR satisfaction. I worked as a contractor for over three decades, serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients. With over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, I have encountered numerous clients. I witnessed a concerning decline in the lack of desire for contractors to perform small repair jobs and poor-quality workmanship across all construction trades. This decline was primarily due to most companies’ growing reliance on subcontract labor. We decided not to use subcontract labor to maintain a higher work standard. Drawing from my extensive personal experience, thorough research, and countless building inspections spanning three decades, I discovered that most buildings, approximately 8 out of 10, were built incorrectly, not per the industry standard specifications. It was evident that a change was needed. Hence, I shifted my focus towards helping property owners inspect, repair, and maintain their existing properties, aiming to reduce their maintenance-related expenses by up to 50%.
15857 South Mahaffie Street
Patriot Fence Company, Inc. was established in 2002. Located in Olathe, Kansas, Patriot Fence has quickly become a leader in the fencing industry serving the Kansas City Metro and Johnson County areas for over fifteen years. Patriot Fence is a veteran and family owned & operated business with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We customize, design, install and repair a wide variety of permanent and temporary fencing systems for commercial and residential projects. As a fully licensed and insured company, we stand behind our products and our workmanship. We use only the highest quality products for each of our projects. Projects may include, but are not limited to, ornamental steel, wood, chain-link & agricultural fencing. Patriot Fence is committed to bringing its customers superior service, as well as the best quality products at a competitive price so you can benefit from reliability in all areas of your investment.
Kansas City
The cleaning provided by Bar-B-Clean will make your barbecue look brand new, perform to its fullest potential, the food cooked on the barbecue will taste better, and a cleaning will make your barbecue last longer. Our cleaning service is like a makeover for your barbecue. You will not recognize your barbecue once we are done with it. Before cleaning even begins, our Grill Masters will evaluate your entire grill and assess it for gas leaks, damage, and missing parts. They will review and perform any necessary maintenance and replacements you agree to before getting to work on cleaning your grill and renewing its dazzling appearance. Our goal? To guarantee that your grill is a top-notch, trouble-free sizzle machine, ready to turn your backyard into a culinary haven for your next grilling fiesta! In our realm of grill mastery, we’ve built solid connections with the big guns and even those quieter players in the grill replacement components world. Why? So that when your grill starts to fade or you misplace a part, we’ve got the access to quickly fetch replacements, make the repairs, and keep you grilling. As part of our standard gig, we roll out the red carpet for your grill, giving it a complete once-over and jotting down a list of items that need a tune-up. And here’s the best part: if you give the thumbs-up, our Grill Masters can conduct many standard fixes on the spot! Or, if it’s a more elaborate setup, we’ll get them ordered, and boomerang back to complete the job.

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